Permit stage

When I arrived at the Grand Canyon NP, I clearly knew what I wanted to do : Hiking the rim to rim to rim. But I also knew that I needed a permit to do it, which people usually book months in advance. And of course, I haven’t, but I really trusted in my karma to think I would get one.

So, full of positives vibes and with no doubt, I showed up at the backcountry office. I explained my plan to the ranger and asked for a Bright Angel Campground’s permit for tonight, and another one for 2 nights later.

First thing, he asked me if I had ever hiked in the Grand Canyon and if I had experience hiking and backpacking. I just answered that I hiked the South Kaibab trail until Skeleton point 2 years ago and that I knew a bit about the Grand Canyon climate. I probably could have said that I was an experienced hiker, many people consider me like that, but I haven’t. Plus »

Having travelled the world during a little more than 22 months, it’s been now 2 months since I’m back in France … So, first I warn you, this post is a little bit long, but I needed that to explain all the stages by which I passed before being where I am now! I won’t give here specific advices about « How to manage your return? » or stuff like that. I just chose to share my experience, how it was for me.

My only advice would be « Don’t give up your dreams!”, « Trust yourself and give yourself the means of your ambitions », and « Be opportunistic! »
Plus »


Back  French 

« Cyn Discovers the World »

Well, that’s the name I found for my traveller’s account on Facebook before my « world tour » as I liked to call it more than one year ago now. I love the wordplay with my first name, and I have to say that I’m proud of it.

Initially just a project of world tour, to discover the world, like my name says …

But now that it’s been over one year I’ve been on the road, the names « Cyn Discovers the World » and  “world tour « seem unsuitable. Quickly after I left, already, the term “world tour » seemed inappropriate. I prefer the term « big trip » or « long journey », even if 2 years (22 months exactly), it’s not that long … In short, I am in big trip that’s it ! Plus »