Permit stage

When I arrived at the Grand Canyon NP, I clearly knew what I wanted to do : Hiking the rim to rim to rim. But I also knew that I needed a permit to do it, which people usually book months in advance. And of course, I haven’t, but I really trusted in my karma to think I would get one.

So, full of positives vibes and with no doubt, I showed up at the backcountry office. I explained my plan to the ranger and asked for a Bright Angel Campground’s permit for tonight, and another one for 2 nights later.

First thing, he asked me if I had ever hiked in the Grand Canyon and if I had experience hiking and backpacking. I just answered that I hiked the South Kaibab trail until Skeleton point 2 years ago and that I knew a bit about the Grand Canyon climate. I probably could have said that I was an experienced hiker, many people consider me like that, but I haven’t. Plus »

Having travelled the world during a little more than 22 months, it’s been now 2 months since I’m back in France … So, first I warn you, this post is a little bit long, but I needed that to explain all the stages by which I passed before being where I am now! I won’t give here specific advices about « How to manage your return? » or stuff like that. I just chose to share my experience, how it was for me.

My only advice would be « Don’t give up your dreams!”, « Trust yourself and give yourself the means of your ambitions », and « Be opportunistic! »
Plus »

(Français en noir ci-dessous, après la photo 🙂

What’s up ?

So yes, « What’s up ? ». What a funny expression !That’s the kind of thing we ask to someone we haven’t seen for a long time, usually to start the conversation.

And recently, I had the opportunity to have a diner with a person I travelled with in Myanmar, for a couple of weeks 4 months ago. For those who read my blog, that’s Alex, from Connecticut. Anyway, she came back in the US a couple of months ago and she’s trying to start again a normal life. Needless to say that she’s very busy (like all Americans I guess), so she warned me that she wouldn’t have a lot a free time, max 2 or 3h. (You’ll understand later why I’m precising that…)

But first, go back 2 weeks ago now (yeah, time is running…). I spent 5 days hiking in Yosemite National Park with Storm, an English girl met in Los Angeles and James, her couchsurfer from San Fransisco. During that time, I noticed that James had many tattoos, but one specially on his forearm has triggered my curiosity. It was «  XV ≠XV », meaning 15 is different than 15… Very perplexing! Plus »



In life, people usually want to do different things, want to change something, or themselves, or have some dreams.

It can be everything, always they will be asked « why » ?

And then, in their mind, will come a lot of questions : am I sure I want to do that ? Why do I want to do that ? Do I need to do that ? Is it possible ? Am I able to do that ? Can I do it ? And many more, depending of the people, and of the people surrounding them.

I don’t pretend to have the solution of your mind troubles or your doubts, but here, I’m gonna speak about my own experience : Plus »


Enjoy & feel it !

3 words, so small, so simple, and yet not enough practiced by so much people !

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Back  French 

« Cyn Discovers the World »

Well, that’s the name I found for my traveller’s account on Facebook before my « world tour » as I liked to call it more than one year ago now. I love the wordplay with my first name, and I have to say that I’m proud of it.

Initially just a project of world tour, to discover the world, like my name says …

But now that it’s been over one year I’ve been on the road, the names « Cyn Discovers the World » and  “world tour « seem unsuitable. Quickly after I left, already, the term “world tour » seemed inappropriate. I prefer the term « big trip » or « long journey », even if 2 years (22 months exactly), it’s not that long … In short, I am in big trip that’s it ! Plus »

Parfois les gens rencontrés nous permettent de nous découvrir nous même. Et c’est ce qui s’est passé durant mon voyage au Myanmar avec Alex, ma plus belle rencontre de voyageur jusque là!

D’abord, un extrait de Zaz, qui illustre parfaitement cette rencontre : Plus »