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What’s up ?

So yes, « What’s up ? ». What a funny expression !That’s the kind of thing we ask to someone we haven’t seen for a long time, usually to start the conversation.

And recently, I had the opportunity to have a diner with a person I travelled with in Myanmar, for a couple of weeks 4 months ago. For those who read my blog, that’s Alex, from Connecticut. Anyway, she came back in the US a couple of months ago and she’s trying to start again a normal life. Needless to say that she’s very busy (like all Americans I guess), so she warned me that she wouldn’t have a lot a free time, max 2 or 3h. (You’ll understand later why I’m precising that…)

But first, go back 2 weeks ago now (yeah, time is running…). I spent 5 days hiking in Yosemite National Park with Storm, an English girl met in Los Angeles and James, her couchsurfer from San Fransisco. During that time, I noticed that James had many tattoos, but one specially on his forearm has triggered my curiosity. It was «  XV ≠XV », meaning 15 is different than 15… Very perplexing! Plus »



In life, people usually want to do different things, want to change something, or themselves, or have some dreams.

It can be everything, always they will be asked « why » ?

And then, in their mind, will come a lot of questions : am I sure I want to do that ? Why do I want to do that ? Do I need to do that ? Is it possible ? Am I able to do that ? Can I do it ? And many more, depending of the people, and of the people surrounding them.

I don’t pretend to have the solution of your mind troubles or your doubts, but here, I’m gonna speak about my own experience : Plus »


Enjoy & feel it !

3 words, so small, so simple, and yet not enough practiced by so much people !

Plus »

Sometimes people we meet help us to discover ourselves. And that’s what happened during my trip to Myanmar with Alex, my most beautiful travel’s encounter so far!

First, a sample from a French song by Zaz : Plus »