Enjoy & feel it !

3 words, so small, so simple, and yet not enough practiced by so much people !

So why writing a post about it ?

Well, because I realized while talking with a friend, it wasn’t simple for everybody. We were walking in the street of a beautiful city, and I was just saying her “Can’t you sometime stop always taking pictures and just appreciate the moment ?”. Then I started to relate what happened to me when I was in Russia.

My camera stopped working in St Petersburg, and then I stayed for several days without any camera. I was just explaining that, and I said “I arrived in Moscow, and went to the Red Square, I walked in, looked around, sang… “just enjoy and feel it !”, and it was wonderful ! Then she stopped me and said “That’s beautiful, that’s exactly what I’d like to do !”

And then, I realized at this moment it was exactly what I’ve been doing for all my travel. I’ve lived and enjoyed each moment, each day, each scenery, each experience… Everything, I liked it. I “enjoyed and felt it !”

And it’s so easy for me because since I’m travelling, I’m just living day by day. I mean, I don’t have any expectations of the following days. What must happen will happen ! So no need to worry about it… And past ? Well, past is past, that’s too late now to change anything… So the only thing to do is living the present moment, and as for me the simplest things are the best, I really enjoy everything. Sometime, very insignificant things for many people, will draw a smile on my face, like when I saw the great bear constellation I haven’t seen for a long time, or just look the city waking up while drinking a coffee, or when I saw this king fisher flying in front of us at Inle Lake, or else, just riding a motorbike in Asia, feel the wind on your body, sweat under the heat while working hard…. All these small and simple things make me happy. Very simple things!


But the truth is, to notice and appreciate it, you have to be 100% at the present moment. Otherwise your mind will be occupied by something else or lost in your thoughts, your eyes won’t see what’s happening just in front of you, and your heart won’t feel it.


Of course you’re gonna tell me ‘I’m not travelling ! ». I understand, but anyway… All these small thing happens in you every days life. For example, you’re going at work every day, so during the journey to get there, do you pay attention to all that small things ? The sunrise (if you’re early enough…), a smile you cross, your coffee, a song you like on the radio, singing in your car… It can be anything else you like but you don’t notice it anymore, because you’re lost in your thoughts or what will happen today…


So, what are you waiting for ???

Open your eyes

open your heart

open your arms

smile to the life

and  “Enjoy and feel it !”



100% living the present moment, during the 11h journey by « speedboat » from Bagan to Mandalay, Myanmar !

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