Sometimes people we meet help us to discover ourselves. And that’s what happened during my trip to Myanmar with Alex, my most beautiful travel’s encounter so far!

First, a sample from a French song by Zaz :

Meaning :

« It will be said that encounters make our most beautiful journey

We will see that we only deserve what is shared

We’ll hear singing musics from elsewhere

And we’ll know how to give the best we have ! »   Zaz

I’m used to say that nothing ever happens by chance, and if something is happening it’s only because it should happened like that.

In the same way, encounters are never a chance. If a person is on your way, there is a reason.

I met Alex in Malaysia, on the best New Year’s Eve I had, so far! In the group that we had, she was for me, a traveller among many others, even though we have discussed a lot during our hike to Penang National Park. When leaving Georgetown, it’s a classic goodbye.

During my stay in Chiang Mai, almost two months later, I crossed her « by chance » in the street when I was riding to the « Grand Canyon » of Chiang Mai. I immediately stopped, she ran into my arms to hug me, I was surprised! After joining her with other people in the Grand Canyon, we spent part of the day talking, and then we met us again in the evening for a “girl night” at Chiang Mai Night Market. At that time, she told me she’s going to Myanmar and if I want, we can try to share a little of our travel, the accommodation is not given, it helps to share the room. Why not, after all, if I get tired, I will leave, back to my solitude I love so much!

So after finding her in Pai and my meditation retreat I joined Alex in Yangon.

We begin to travel together, and I begin to discover, a bit, the person. Joy of life, sincere, natural, spontaneous (the kind of person able to stop someone in the street to tell her that she loves her pants … ) and who talks a lot. At least much more than me. Those are the personality traits that I had noticed the little time spent together before. Qualities that I would like to have. Me, my personality, if I believe the psychological tests that I did at my job are « unsociable » and « introverted » … No comment!

So I would like to be like her. I mean, I’m working hard, but it is not always easy for me to reach out to others to engage in conversation, for her, that’s natural. A little too much sometimes, like the day when she was talking with a monk, she naturally extended her hand : « I’m Alex! » The monks are not allowed to have contact with women… No, please … Alex ! A great moment !

But Alex is not only that. She’s got a more complex personality : she thinks a lot (too much from her opinion), she is very demanding and hard with herself, likes to keep control and having plans for where she goes.

Personally, I like losing control, letting me wear, getting lost in the unknown and just thinking of nothing but enjoying the present moment without worrying about the next day. A little too much perhaps.

So much for the presentations, in short, everything opposes us! And even physically …

However, I spent with her definitely the best 3 weeks of my journey so far. So for my part, I tried to teach her to enjoy the moment, stopping always cogitate and complicate life by polluting the minds with a thousand thoughts of « what if … » or « … and if « ! For her part, she helped me to discover my true personality, just a simple person, in her words, « generous and knows how to enjoy life as it is. » I pass, but the goal here is not throw me flowers.

She also gave me the opportunity to discover my “artistic » side, not very developed in my opinion, at least what I’ve always heard so far, or maybe a personal belief that I developed, if i believe the book I’ve just finished « The man who wanted to be happy » by Laurent Gounelle. But she has known to see in me the good things and encouraged me to try. Thing I did on the boat from Mandalay to Bagan. And I must admit that even if the result is average, I enjoyed the experience!

Usually when I travel with someone, after a week or 10 days, I’m fed up, and I need to be lonely again. But with her, not at all, and I have to admit that it was difficult for me to go back to my solitude I appreciated so much before once she has left.

So, all this to say that if someone is on your road, it is not by chance. We taught and learnt things mutually. We have shared excellent time to discuss or rather philosophize about life and happiness, enjoyed the present moment in our own way and we shared everything. It was a good experience!

Thanks to her, I also finally realized what I had learned while travelling : patience, zen attitude in every circumstance, positive attitude … In short, I am happy of my life, of the choices I made, and now I know I already found my inner peace.

Thank you Alex, You helped me to discover myself, so no it’s not only « Cyn Discovers the world » but « Cyn discovers herself » as well !


On the same way, the way of hapiness !


« Just Enjoy and feel it !  » XXX

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  1. Salut Mam je suis heureuse de voire que tout ce passe merveilleusement bien pour toi, ta rencontre ne m étonne pas c est tout à fait le genre de personne qui doit t entourer! Quand au fait que tu ne sois soit disant pas sociable…. C est mal te connaître du moins c est peu être une apparence mais tu as bien des qualités qui prouvent le contraire mais pour ca il faut te connaître… Je t embrasse et te souhaite plein de bonne chose chose à venir

  2. Salut Cindy ! Une personnalité en or, ça je confirme que tu l’as. Je suis vraiment content que ton voyage se déroule aussi bien. Les rencontres… Ça fait vraiment partie des choses importantes au même titre que la découverte d’endroit exceptionnels. On en gardera un souvenir impérissable. Le chemin à été long depuis juillet en Mongolie. Se découvrir soi-même c’est un des vrais avantages du Voyage au long court. Content pour toi chère amie, et pour Celine et moi tu fais partie des rencontres qui resteront gravées. Et évidemment on espère bien poursuivre en France 😉

    • Merci Mathieu.
      Et je confirme, la Mongolie restera gravée dans ma mémoire vous aussi. Je ne vous ai pas oublié !!! 😉
      Et je compte bien vous revoir en France à mon retour, pour vous j’ai lu que c’était bientôt… Bon courage!
      Gros bisous à vous 2

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